What is an SVG file

What is an SVG file

What is an SVG file

What does SVG stand for?

We believe this is a good starting point to get a clear understanding of what SVG mean.

SVG stands for  Scalable Vector Graphics, basically means it can be scaled to different sizes without losing it quality. SVG files can be use on digital cutting machines such as Silhouette Cameo, CriCut and Brother ScanNCut.

SVG makes life easier, since the files can be downloaded directly onto your computer, importing the design on your design space and creating stunning projects in an instant, saving you time from copying, tracing and having to design from scratch.

SVG are not just made to be printed out on papers, they can be cut out using other materials e.g vinyl, leather e.t.c. it is however Important to always check that the file is  compactable with your cutting machine. The amazing fact about SVG files is that they are not pixelated when resized, meaning you can resize to fit your projects.

How do i use the files?

You will receive your file as a Zip file, you will need to unzip the file and download it onto your computer. Open your cutter software i.e Silhouette Cameo, click to open the folder sign on the top panel and input the SVG into your design space by selecting the SVG file you have saved ie on your desktop or in your document etc.

Once the design is on your design space, you will need to separate the layers (please note that not all design are layered, it depends on the design); you can also print using the colour of your choice. Arrange and cut as you would any design.

We have got some lovely SVG cut files, right here that you can use today for your projects.