Printed Denim Jacket

Printed Denim Jacket

Printed Denim Jacket

If you've never tried it, how would you know if it will turn out right or not?🤔

And that's how CMB operates, any free time we have is spent on training, learning new techniques, but most importantly putting what we've learnt or seen into practice.

Printed on a denim jacket for the first time; although we have been meaning to give this a try, but had to wait it out till we found a supplier who stock denim, rather than buying from a retail store, to cut down cost.

The seams on the back makes printing large design a bit tricky than t-shirts; there is a 9in space between the back seams to print on; we had to reduce this particular design size and rearrange the layout to accommodate the seams.

For the front we had to maneuver the buttons to get a clear printing space and added some rhinestones to the front chest area to give a bit of Va va voom, finished off with a Wonder woman logo on the sleeves just because we can.

Overall we are pleased with the outcome, would we have done somethings differently? OH YASS!! 

There is always a first time and glad we tested this out and can broadly offer Custom printed denim jackets in our store using HTV materials.💃