Let It Go !-Colour Me Balloon

Let It Go !

Let It Go !

It is always an honour and privilege to be asked to make t-shirts for the DAZZLE GIRLS CLUB held quarterly in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

This event is structured for girls in class years 4 - 8 and it always packed with over 100 girls ready to learn, make new friends e.t.c and filled with fun activities for our girls.

The recent event held was titled LET IT GO!, a tribute to the Dazzle Director Dr Abitoye's mum; it was a practical session where the girls where educated on letting go of anything that is not giving them joy or holding them back from achieving their full potentials, using the balloon as a symbol of release:

Dazzle girls!
We let it gooo!
We let go of bad habits!
We let go of all bad company!
We let go of hurts!
Like the helium balloon, we let go never to allow it return again!
We let God!!!

 This made me realiase how much baggage we carry around and we need to let it all GO for our own good and peace of mind.

If you are in Milton Keynes and want to know more about this event, please visit Abi's Facebook page, the next event is happening around June and it will be a delight to see your daughter(s).

Thanks always Dr Abitoye for such an amazing event and thanks for trusting us for your custom t-shirts.