Intricate design



Weeding is the process of removing the excess material that you do not want on your vinyl before printing on a garment.

99% of the time when weeding a vinyl material for printing, you need a flat surface to rest the material to minimise the vinyl movement and a well lit area to make weeding the excess material visible without straining the eyes .

At CMB below tools are what we use to deliver the cleanest result and the most special tool of them all is the Weeding hook; of course the eye-wear is not compulsory, excerpt you have a prescription, as it takes the strain off your eyes.

The more intricate a design the harder it can be to weed and mistakes does happen when weeding vinyl materials, some can be easily rectified whilst some, have to be discard and design re-cut over again, that is money down the drain.

Using the right instrument makes a huge difference coupled with taking your time to know the vinyl material you are working with, reduces wastage therefore delivering the cleanest result.

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