Celebrating my birth month - May - Part 1-Colour Me Balloon

Celebrating my birth month - May - Part 1

Celebrating my birth month - May - Part 1

I love giving back regardless how small the gifts might be. Since May was my birth month i decided to give away some custom wall decal and Paper flowers to a child between the age of 0-6 years for his/her room.

I was so humbled by the responses i got from parents; though the plan was to pick one lucky child, i had to pick three children! It was the perfect opportunity to launch the sticker section of the business. Below are what two of the recipient requested i make for them:

Water Colour Angel:

 Cartoon Animal in a Truck, Name text & Traffic Signs:



 I can't wait to see pictures!.😍.

P.s still waiting for the third recipient to let me know what she want.

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