Exhibition - 2019 Mothers' Summit London-Colour Me Balloon

Exhibition - 2019 Mothers' Summit London

Exhibition - 2019 Mothers' Summit London

It has always been an honour and privilege to serve in God's house; but was surprised when i was asked to exhibit my business in the just concluded MOTHERS' SUMMIT London 2019, which took place in Excel, London.

For those that know me, knows that i hardly panic, my brain goes into overdrive and start processing and planning all at once, but this time it wasn't that easy and yes, i panicked and i was close to turning the offer down.

I had a lot of reasons not to take part in the exhibition, oh don't get me wrong, it was an honour and was privilege to be asked, but just had too many "what if's" that i needed to deal with, so i can think clearly.

To make this work for me and to avoid putting myself under unnecessary pressure, i decided since this is an exhibition and I'm not required to sell, my table doesn't have to be big, but i will show case my business to the best of my ability and have fun at the same time.

The plan is to create a simple display show casing what Colour Me Balloon is all about, give out little gifts to guest that visit my stand and talk about what am passionate about.

Below are pictures taken in preparation and how my stand looked at the event:


 A big thank you to my Pastors (Pastor Sola and Pastor Tumise Ewedemi, Kings Court Chapel) based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire for the privilege  and opportunity given and your love.

Banner by The Vinyl guys

Stickers/Apparel/Mug & Badges by ColourMeBalloon.

Can't find what you want on our website, send an email to info@colourmeballoon.co.uk, we are always happy to assist.