Personalised Brollies - Fathers Day-Colour Me Balloon

Personalised Brollies - Fathers Day

Personalised Brollies - Fathers Day

I've been thinking of making a personalised brolly for a while now and i kept putting it on the back burner, it just never seems to happen.

Not that am saying fathers deserve a gloomy weather 😜, but with the gloomy grey and wet weather in the UK days before Fathers Day weekend; i decided this would be the perfect time to work on the "brolly project" it sure would make a perfect gift for a father.

Used the Eso Golf Umbrellas for this project, they came in a variety of colours, with 8 panels and open diameter of 130cm; so lot of spaces to work with. Printed in-house using a high quality printing material suitable for printing on this type of material.

And the outcome was just AMAZING! Pressed to perfection.

An umbrella is a strong gift for just about anyone in your life; from moms to work colleagues, a good way of adverting your brand, can be given as favours for weddings, bridal showers, stag do, even as a decorative element etc.

Why not brighten up someone's rainy day with one of our brollies, personalised with your own design or wordings.

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