Design & Print Training 101

Design & Print Training 101

Design & Print Training 101

Love what i do and what better way to share my knowledge, than teaching my boys how to design and print; transferring some skills which they might not see as useful now, but might come in handy in the future. The older son was not available, but manged to pin the younger son down.

Trust me it was a battle between learning to print and the Play Station😥; had to create the designs before hand 🙄, and only managed to touch on the design space, before showing him how to weed, how to heat up the press to the required temperature, and align the design on his desired t-shirts and press.

Love the fact that he was eager to learn; but importantly we had fun and got some cool t-shirts to show for his hard work🤗

Did managed to take some pictures during the training session though, which are shown below🤩.

Now to catch 🏃🏾‍♀️the older fish 🎣

P.s Fingers intact with no burns😁