Custom Converse-Colour Me Balloon

Custom Converse

Custom Converse

So happy to finally be able to introduce our custom converse to the world.

This has always been on the burner, mostly made for families and close friends as gifts for their children; but I never got round to listing this gorgeousness on our store.

Creating custom converse has always been fun and i always look for an excuse to create items that stand out and are unique for not only myself, families or friends but also for my customers.

The design/lettering on our converse are made with vinyl material, which are a durable polyurethane based materials infused into the converse by heat; whilst the Rhinestones are added with special glue specific for this type of application making it long lasting & highly flexible.

Custom converse are now available to order, and you have the choice of adding rhinestones to the toe area or add some lettering/design to make it more personal.

Our collection range from crib baby sizes to adult size, with different selections of rhinestones to pick from.

What better way to show love, than with a pair of our custom Converse.

Want a custom order, send an email to