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Personalise that Socks

Personalise that Socks

I am so particular about things even though I really try not to be. My friend (AB) who has worked with me on some cool projects, keeps telling me that I need to learn to let the little stuff go. I only stress myself out, when I hold on to the idea that everything must be my version of perfect  “Nobody has died because of it.” “So what if the ribbon is not the same size” "does the colours have to match, she ask?  And here I am sharing a tutorial because I am particular about my socks, all in the name of wanting them to be perfectly my way🤣

You see I get frustrated 😤 when I can’t find a matching pair of socks. You know how it is; you load the machine with perfectly matching socks, all dried and ready to be put away and BOOM! you can't seems to find the matching pair, you inevitably end up matching old well-worn pair with a newer pair just because it the same colour, push comes to shove on the day when you are about wearing your socks, you then realise one is knee length and the other is a half sock.

So I’ve decided that every time I get a new pack of socks, I’m going to make them easier to match and pair up like THAT! move, right?

Socks are stretchy and I’m using scraps of heat transfer which is a little stretchy but not enough when you’re pulling and twisting your socks on the right way. Plus I've get a stash of transfer scraps in a box, left over from print jobs, might as well make good use of them #nowastezone.

For this project you will need:

  • Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Socks
  • Iron or Heat press
  • Cutting machine

You've got a choice of using dingbats fonts or lettering font, totally your call, but for this project I will be using both; I ended up using the font called “efon from” it has cute kitty faces, television sets with faces, and a whole lot of cuteness and for the lettering I use “Impact font”.

  • Create your design, make sure you measure what you want the width and height to be for your words or pictures.
  • Cut out your design or lettering - make sure you mirror the design

  • Place the transfer onto the bottom of the sock in between the heel and toe area. You want the design to be right side up when your feet are propped up, be sure to have the bottom of the design nearer the heel and the top nearer the toe.

  • Set the vinyl onto the socks with a hot iron or heat press until the clear plastic top easily peels away from the design.

 Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee this little project is going to keep your socks from mysteriously disappearing in the washing, but at least i tried 😛. P.s they also make a lovely gift too😉

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