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Tips for Lovely Corporate Gifts

Corporate events are another fun gift we love creating, in addition to wedding welcome gifts & custom printing. We definitely don’t believe corporate gifts have to be “boring”, sharing below our tips for creating fabulous corporate gift boxes.

Match the Event’s Color Palette

Keeping the event’s style and color palette in mind is one of the basic rules for gifting. By doing this, you set the tone for the event and experience guests can expect to have while attending. **tip** keep your branding colors in mind, however, don’t feel as though you need to include every colours to match them.

Introduce Corporate Logos

Rather than solely looking to traditional promotional items such as pens or notepads; look at other ways to introduce your corporate logos i.e include pins with the company logo, mouse, hands free ear piece etc. think outside the box. Add your company’s logo on the ribbon use in tying the box, bag or items included in the box – you’re reminding guests that you’re hosting the event, but you’re also welcoming them at the same time.

Mix Fun & Functional

As a corporation, functional pieces tend to be top on our mind. However, guests are hoping to find fun gifts too! Bottled water or ready to drink coffee will always be appreciated, pairing it with artisan chocolates, popcorn, or personalised cookies with the company logo, tote bag, reusable Keepcup to show your support for the environment, custom mugs etc. Might be worth considering locally sourced items, to show support of your community.

Appeal to Both Genders 

Bridging the gender gap, gifts with unisex contents means each recipient can be presented with their gift upon arrival without having to sort gifts; plus many of your guests will enjoy receiving the same items.

What is the best piece you have ever received in a corporate welcome gift?

Leave your response in the comment box below, we would love to know.