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Reuse Eco-Friendly Cups- Keepcup

Here in the UK there has been ongoing debate for several months now, almost daily a new perpetrator is blamed and a new solution raised. Would a 5p levy solve the issue? Do we need to set up better recycling facilities? Can we just produce better, more environmentally friendly cups? Or should we, like France, ban the paper cup altogether?

We are happy to carry the KeepCup brand in our online store our first reusable cup.

Made from either lightweight plastic or glass – an easy choice for coffee on the go.

Each cup comes in four parts, designed to be taken apart for thorough cleaning. It’s made from nontoxic polypropylene, is BPA and BPS free, Dishwasher safe, and can be heated to 110 degrees.

The cup, lid and plug are recyclable at end of life and sizes are the same as our paper take away cups.

 5 Top Places to take your very own KeepCup

Daily commute – on the train, bus, bike or car. Your KeepCup ensures there’s no danger of spillage or scalding.

Your desk – A great reminder and excuse to keep sipping on something delicious from an eye catching cup throughout the day to keep hydrated.

Outdoors – the KeepCup is perfectly suited for outdoor gatherings for kids and grownups too. They look fun and, with their nifty lids, say goodbye to spillage.

Business meetings or coffee mornings – a great talking point and also a way to introduce friends and colleagues to the KeepCup and its multiple benefits for you and for the environment.

Nature walks – the KeepCup really comes into its own on a long walk. Easy to handle or store in a backpack drink holder. For that refreshing lovely warm cup of tea or coffee.

KeepCup have gathered some surprising facts about throw-away cups, and gone as far as to draw up a comparison between disposable cups vs KeepCup, giving you many reasons to buy their products.