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Coming soon – Rhinestone T-shirts

We have decided to expand into the world of rhinestone using the Swarovski Hotfix Crystals also known as Rhinestones which looks like precious jewels. They are loose crystal elements with a flat reverse side that has been pre-coated with a glue which is activated by heat.

We are super excited and looking forward to creating custom designs using rhinestones as an element to make a basic T-shirt appear new, interesting and glamorous.

The rhinestones will be available in different sizes and colours based on client designs.

Watch this space for more updates on our Rhinestone t-shirts.


B.Y.G.B the CEO Way

Whenever I’m giving a gift to someone (my favorite things to do!), I always want the gifts to be reflective of that person’s interests and our relationship. I absolutely love curating a gift around something that is representative of the person or something they’ve said in passing. Whether it’s something small or big, it’s the thoughts behind the gifts that truly matters.

 Once I’ve scrolled through B.Y.G.B and I’ve selected something that feels sincere and representative of the person, it’s easy for me to build out a theme this way. I try to put myself in the recipients shoes and understand what they would most appreciate. 


 I’m obsessed with presentation, especially little details, so I love to take complimentary colours into consideration. The finishing tab makes it so easy to pick out the colours schemes, the occasion and mood am portraying.

I think the opportunity to Build Your Gift Box is so much fun, this way you are in control of what goes in your box!


B.Y.G.B (Build Your Gift Box) Tips

Our Build Your Gift Box section makes it easy to build gifts that are perfectly customized to your recipient, in line with the color and theme you want, in budget and are sent out packaged to perfection. Check out below tips on how to B.Y.G.B.

i) What is your reason for gifting – Is it a bridesmaid proposal gift? Is it a cheer up gift, Is it for a Baby shower? e.t.c It is so easy to lose sight of “the reason” when you’re shopping for a gift! Stay focus on how you want to make their day and what items will do that.

ii) Pick the main gift item – I usually pick the main gift item first so I can envision what will compliment the item, the size of the package required, before adding the other bits and bobs.

iii) Who is the gift for? – Is the gift for a man or woman or couple? Does she love makeup? Is she green conscious, has she got sweet tooth?. These can be represented by the wide variety of products we carry!

iv) Use our buy & quantity boxes – This is one of the coolest parts of B.Y.G.B! tick the items that you want to buy as you scroll through the pages and increase the quantity if building for more than one. Once through, just add to your cart. Makes it easy to stay organized.

P.S. more items are still been added.