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B.Y.G.B the CEO Way

Whenever I’m giving a gift to someone (my favorite things to do!), I always want the gifts to be reflective of that person’s interests and our relationship. I absolutely love curating a gift around something that is representative of the person or something they’ve said in passing. Whether it’s something small or big, it’s the thoughts behind the gifts that truly matters.

 Once I’ve scrolled through B.Y.G.B and I’ve selected something that feels sincere and representative of the person, it’s easy for me to build out a theme this way. I try to put myself in the recipients shoes and understand what they would most appreciate. 


 I’m obsessed with presentation, especially little details, so I love to take complimentary colours into consideration. The finishing tab makes it so easy to pick out the colours schemes, the occasion and mood am portraying.

I think the opportunity to Build Your Gift Box is so much fun, this way you are in control of what goes in your box!