Our Brand




We’ll work with your company to create gifts/venue dressing/custom prints that are meaningful and elevated for occasions as varied as saying thanks, welcoming new partners, or celebrating milestones, branding e.t.c. Whether you’d like to incorporate your logo and branding, design a gift around a specific theme, or even source specific products from around the globe, we’ll make it happen.


We love weddings and events! From congrats on your engagement, be my bridesmaid gifts to bachelorette and Stag do, personalised wedding welcome boxes, Charity/Family events. We’ll work with you to design gifts/decor/print design, that will reflect the vision of your big day and provide the ideal keepsake for your celebration.



1. Tell us your ideas

Seriously, Let us know what you want these gifts to say to the recipients or how you want your venue to look, and any must-have products you’ve seen on our site or elsewhere. Oh, nearly forget the interesting stuff like budget + quantity that information will help us here.

2. We’ll bring them to life

If we have to source product from around the globe to putting a fun spin on a classic so shall it be, we’ll work with our team to design a custom gifting suite/decor that fits what you’re looking for. We’ll send you a comprehensive proposal to review and share with your team.

3. We’ll chat

We’ll go back and forth to bring your gift/events to life, working hard to stay within your budget. If you’re interested, we’ll talk about customisation options, including branded items.

4. We’ll get to work

Printing, packing your boxes by hand, shipping, and sending you tracking for each and every package to ensure everything gets where it’s supposed to go.

You’ll take the credit

Your clients, friends, vendors, bridal party, and even your arch enemies will swoon over your custom gifts… and you’ll look amazing.

You’re very welcome.