Author: Jumoke Oyedele

B.Y.G.B the CEO Way

Whenever I’m giving a gift to someone (my favorite things to do!), I always want the gifts to be reflective of that person’s interests and our relationship. I absolutely love curating a gift around something that is representative of the person or something they’ve said in passing. Whether it’s something small or big, it’s the thoughts behind the gifts that truly matters.

 Once I’ve scrolled through B.Y.G.B and I’ve selected something that feels sincere and representative of the person, it’s easy for me to build out a theme this way. I try to put myself in the recipients shoes and understand what they would most appreciate. 


 I’m obsessed with presentation, especially little details, so I love to take complimentary colours into consideration. The finishing tab makes it so easy to pick out the colours schemes, the occasion and mood am portraying.

I think the opportunity to Build Your Gift Box is so much fun, this way you are in control of what goes in your box!


Rescue Flats

Hallelujah! RESCUE FLATS TO THE RESCUE 😉 and they are super comfortable.

If everyone is like me that loves dancing at the slightly sound of music and has a long night of dancing ahead; then i think the “Rescue Flats” is the perfect solution to that moment your shoes starts to pinch from wearing them for too long, no matter how comfortable they were when you first put them on.

This flats are fold-able and can be worn many times after the event, they also come in a convenient compact display box for your guests!

Super cute and comes in a variety of metallic or matte shades to match your theme; which your guests and bridesmaids will love and can double as a favour for your guests to take home.

If you are wondering how many of these flats to order; the recommendation is one Box set per 60 wedding guests. Box has 20 pairs of rescue flats (5 small, 10 medium, 5 large).

These luxury flats are so much better than going barefoot throughout the night.

We now have these super cute flats available to order here.

Reuse Eco-Friendly Cups- Keepcup

Here in the UK there has been ongoing debate for several months now, almost daily a new perpetrator is blamed and a new solution raised. Would a 5p levy solve the issue? Do we need to set up better recycling facilities? Can we just produce better, more environmentally friendly cups? Or should we, like France, ban the paper cup altogether?

We are happy to carry the KeepCup brand in our online store our first reusable cup.

Made from either lightweight plastic or glass – an easy choice for coffee on the go.

Each cup comes in four parts, designed to be taken apart for thorough cleaning. It’s made from nontoxic polypropylene, is BPA and BPS free, Dishwasher safe, and can be heated to 110 degrees.

The cup, lid and plug are recyclable at end of life and sizes are the same as our paper take away cups.

 5 Top Places to take your very own KeepCup

Daily commute – on the train, bus, bike or car. Your KeepCup ensures there’s no danger of spillage or scalding.

Your desk – A great reminder and excuse to keep sipping on something delicious from an eye catching cup throughout the day to keep hydrated.

Outdoors – the KeepCup is perfectly suited for outdoor gatherings for kids and grownups too. They look fun and, with their nifty lids, say goodbye to spillage.

Business meetings or coffee mornings – a great talking point and also a way to introduce friends and colleagues to the KeepCup and its multiple benefits for you and for the environment.

Nature walks – the KeepCup really comes into its own on a long walk. Easy to handle or store in a backpack drink holder. For that refreshing lovely warm cup of tea or coffee.

KeepCup have gathered some surprising facts about throw-away cups, and gone as far as to draw up a comparison between disposable cups vs KeepCup, giving you many reasons to buy their products.

B.Y.G.B (Build Your Gift Box) Tips

Our Build Your Gift Box section makes it easy to build gifts that are perfectly customized to your recipient, in line with the color and theme you want, in budget and are sent out packaged to perfection. Check out below tips on how to B.Y.G.B.

i) What is your reason for gifting – Is it a bridesmaid proposal gift? Is it a cheer up gift, Is it for a Baby shower? e.t.c It is so easy to lose sight of “the reason” when you’re shopping for a gift! Stay focus on how you want to make their day and what items will do that.

ii) Pick the main gift item – I usually pick the main gift item first so I can envision what will compliment the item, the size of the package required, before adding the other bits and bobs.

iii) Who is the gift for? – Is the gift for a man or woman or couple? Does she love makeup? Is she green conscious, has she got sweet tooth?. These can be represented by the wide variety of products we carry!

iv) Use our buy & quantity boxes – This is one of the coolest parts of B.Y.G.B! tick the items that you want to buy as you scroll through the pages and increase the quantity if building for more than one. Once through, just add to your cart. Makes it easy to stay organized.

P.S. more items are still been added.

Introducing Build Your Gift Box

People say change is constant and the question we ask daily at CMB is, how would we adapt the business to remaining constant in each of our lives?

We were quick to realise celebrations come in different sizes from big to small; from a new job to a new baby, to buying your own home or just to show appreciation – we wanted to give gift that is meaningful and also give often.

We started with precurated gifts for all of us who may not have the time to source for gifts but sure still have the taste. With personalisation and customisation at the top of our mind, this led to ideas for weddings, baby shower, corporate gifting and branded items. All the while though we had a secret mission; BUILD YOUR GIFT BOX was always in the pipeline.

Introducing BUILD YOUR GIFT BOX! Now you can send what you want, how you want it (either precurated or custom made) and when you want, sourced from some of the best companies around.

As you all know gifting is crucial, we are going to do everything we possibly can to make gifting beautiful, authentic and effortless.

Party Gift Bags

Phew, this was a tricky quick party gift bags to put together, straight after the holidays for an 11 year old, who want gifts made for selected number of friends.

Had to pull this out of my magic hat and it was such fun to put together from personalising the drawstring bags with each child’s initial to making the temporary tattoo and to the popcorn/sweets included in the bag etc

See bag content listed below:

  • Super hero temporary tattoo.
  • Personalised medium size draw string bags
  • Sunglasses
  • Joe&Seph Popcorn
  • Sweets/candy
  • Pringle
  • Fizzy drink

Super hero temporary tattoo

Personalised draw string bag and trendy sunnies

Party bag filled with goodies

Glad this turned out as expected, let us know what you think.

Contact us here if you are looking into creating similar gift bags.


Happy to have Joe&Seph Gourmet popcorn on board has a supplier.

Stumbled on this product when i was hunting for ‘British Finest’ product to add as part of our stock, their products are handmade in London, air popped to perfection; which is a much healthier way of cooking, resulting in better texture and taste.

Their products are 100% natural ingredients, with over forty innovative flavours from sweet to savoury and everything in between to choose from.

They offer bespoke services and the package can be customise to match your events!!

You will find Joe&Seph Products nettle in some of our precurated gift boxes currently included in our gift boxes available in our shop.

Chore Magnets

These chore magnets are such a cute and fun way to assign task to the little ones, giving them responsibilities and making it fun at the same time.

Each magnet has a picture printed on, which makes it easy to understand what task needs to be carried. i.e. pet care, feed the feed, lay the bed e.t.c. making carry out chores fun and less tasking for the little ones.

These are made in a variety of tasks not only for the children but adults can also join in the fun too.

These magnets comes in a cute 38mm size using illustration created by Susan Finch and can be ordered here

The Pinback Buttons

Really can’t contain myself when a project comes out perfect!

Love how this buttons turned out, it was such a cute addition to the t-shirts i made for some lovely girls going on a school trip.

Been sitting on this idea of making pinback buttons for a while now but kept moving it down my list of to do.

The possibilities of what to use these buttons for are endless; from Baby showers, Stag do, Bridal parties, Charities, Wedding, Campaign, Corporate events, School fete etc..

For this project the button size use was 38mm.

Hope you like 🙂 ?

Let us know if you’ll like some made for your events. Custom order available Contact us here

Our buttons can also be purchased from here


Custom Apparel

Making a custom apparel for your business or events can be a great way in raising the much needed awareness; and a good way of passing your messages across to prospective clients.

How our Apparels are printed:

We use vinyl flex, flock and digital printing, each of which has its advantages:

Our Digital Direct option are perfect for photos or particularly delicate pixel graphics, and any other designs with a lot of colours and fades; you can never go wrong with Digital Direct.

Plot printing (vinyl flex/flock) on the other hand is the best option for brand logos, slogans, and hard wearing single colour prints that can withstand even the toughest situation; made of a flexible and resilient material which makes it extremely durable if properly cared for. Plot printing is the best option for your customised work wear, sportswear, baby clothing or lounge wear.

Need some custom print? Our printing services are reasonably priced and can be customised to match your preference. Send your inquiries to