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Colour Me Balloon Decor & Gift boxes are a modest and tasteful option if you need to send a gift. Categorised by occasions, there are gift boxes for every gifting opportunity; whether it’s just to say thank you, to celebrate a brand launch or wedding etc. we have you covered from boxes already prepared to a bespoke option.

Our Venue Dressing brings unusual and wonderful requests that inspire us to develop new design styling that make people smile. Some of our decorative elements i.e Balloons, are big, bold and beautiful; perfect for making events, brands, products, and photo shoots stand out whatever the occasion!!

Our  Custom Design & Prints are done in house using the best quality materials in the market at a reasonable price.

A word from the Creative Director & Owner Jumoke Oyedele:

Never even thought I had such talent in me until few years ago. The look on the recipient face when I hand over one of my creations, makes the long and sometimes laboring process well worth it.

What set me apart from others is my eye for details.  I’m myself worse critic, always having to make the next design better than the previous one. I have taken great care to personally select high quality, beautifully designed and stunningly packaged products that are presented in simple yet stylish gift boxes.

My gift boxes allow the recipient to discover boutique and artisan brands from small British companies. By purchasing a gift box, you are not only supporting my business but you are also supporting dedicated and passionate British producers.

Venue Dressing is more than just a business to me, always a passion and enjoy seeing a venue transform from duckling to swan giving it a new lease of life, transforming it into the ultimate feel good accessory, whatever the occasion.”

And our Custom Design and Print is second to none using the best material in the market and trendy designs custom to every of our customers requirements.

My mission is to let you create and send bespoke gifts with lasting experience, enabled by simple user experiences.

Uttermost attention given to each project, before sending them out to clients
Material used are sourced from local companies.
We use long lasting & high quality products at an affordable price.
“All great achievements require time”

-Maya Angelou.

What We Do

  • Custom Design & Prints
  • Speciality OR Curated Gifts
  • Decor (Venue Dressing)
  • Photo Booth Rental (COMING SOON)

Colour Me Balloon The Decor & Gifts Shop – is about being there when you can’t be there.

What We Offer

The best products from brands you love and brands you’ve never heard of to let you send the best gifts, every time


The best experience, from custom design & printing, handpicking your gifts, to shipping (saving you a trip to the post office). To Venue dressing creating an atmosphere of fun!

Where We’re Going

Our business is constantly evolving to make our mission a reality. New brands, new partnerships, new platforms. Make sure to follow the journey.

Our Latest Projects